Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Team

I should introduce the team, will try and get photos of them soon.
This will be updated as people join and test the game. 

Sarah Crossman  
Creator, CG Artist, Rigger, Post (lighting and effects), Kismet Programmer, Level Designer, Scare Engineer and anything else that needs to be done.

Steve Mcqueen
Kismet programmer & Scare Engineer.

Tim O'Connell
CG Modeller, Level Designer, Post Processing (lighting and effects), some music & Scare Engineer.

Raphael Kidd
UDK expert

Dan Pearce
UDK expert

Owen Pilliner
Animator and Modeller

Lisa Ferrari
CG Modeller & Texture Artist.

Gabrielle Dwyer
Animator and Rigger.

Daniel Joseph 
CG Modeller and Level Designer 

Rich Lee
CG Modeller (For one level)

Joe Starr
Music for Circus, Start Room, Hospital, Kids room, Airplane, Soul Cloud and Theme music.

Matthew Deamer

Tom Joyce
Advice, document help, community manager.

David Banner
Advice, marketing, feedback, bug tester, helped with the idea.

Rich Pring

Martin Onions 

The rest of the Wales Interactive team.

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